About Us

We celebrate positive transformations through healthy, adventurous lifestyles.

We call this Making Change Transpire.™

That means making one small positive change for your body, your day, and eventually, your life.
You shouldn't have to compromise on health, taste, or convenience. MCTco only makes products we use ourselves, made from high quality ingredients that taste good, keep you energized, and fit into your lifestyle.

Our Story

After observing countless peers and family members being crippled by obesity, heart failure, and unhealthy lifestyles, I decided to dedicate my life to educating myself on proper nutrition, maintaining an active lifestyle, and, in 2007, following the ketogenic diet.

But just changing my lifestyle wasn't enough—we wanted to make a healthy impact on our community too. So we started MCTco.

MCTco was born with a passion for making health accessible, easy, and above all, taste good. We're excited to be here and to make an impact. We know that change happens one step at a time and one bar at a time. Let's make change transpire together!

—Joe, Co-Founder & CEO