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Tim Tebow

Pro football and baseball player, Heisman winner, ESPN analyst and overall great human Tim Tebow is joining our team as Chief Mission Officer. His mission: help others make good on their health goals.

  • Meet Joe

    Meet Joe

    NuSkool Snacks was founded by Joe Christensen a formal personal trainer who saw firsthand the adverse impact sugar had on obesity, diabetes and other preventable chronic diseases.

  • Kicking Out Sugar

    Kicking Out Sugar

    Joe realized the importance food intake had on health, so he adopted a low sugar/Keto lifestyle. He deployed these principles with hundreds of clients, including his Dad, who kicked diabetes and lost over 100 pounds!

  • NuSkool was Born

    NuSkool was Born

    In creating the delicious snack bars you know and love in NuSkool, Joe and his team identified a gap in convenient, low-sugar snacks that also deliver on functional health and performance. Now, NuSkool is bringing the Mission to Mainstream. 

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