12 Tips to Hop Over Sugar this Easter

12 Tips to Hop Over Sugar this Easter

In times like these, we deserve any little celebration we can. That's why this Easter—however or wherever you're celebrating (hello again, zoom invite)—let's double the celebration, but hop over the sugar. 

Eating sugar has some nasty effects on the body, including weight gain, acne, aging, heart disease, increased cancer risk, energy loss, and even accelerated cognitive decline. Yikes.

So what to do when those quarantine cravings kick in and a chocolate bunny seems like a good idea at the time? Try some of these foolproof tips instead:

  1. Replace soda, energy drinks, juice, and sweetened teas with water or unsweetened seltzer. We have a mad LaCroix addiction over here. 
  2. Eat more protein and fat so you're full and can avoid cravings.
  3. Use unsweetened creamer or zero calorie natural sweetener with coffee. Our fridge is always stocked with Super Coffee.
  4. Instead of sugary yogurt, add berries to plain Greek yogurt for some extra natural sweetness.
  5. Reach for whole fruits instead of sweetened fruit smoothies
  6. Check sugar content in canned foods. It’s one place you wouldn't expect but a common item packed with sugar. 
  7. Look for low sugar cereals, oats, and granolas. Have you tried our latest obsession, Magic Spoon?
  8. Avoid alcoholic beverages sweetened with soda, juice, honey, or sugar.
  9. Use natural nut butters instead of sweetened spreads.
  10. Swap salad dressings that can be loaded with sugar with olive oil and vinegar on salads.
  11. Watch out for processed snacks and seek out low sugar snack options. May we humbly suggest— MCTbars!
  12. Get enough sleep. Lack of sleep can lead to sugar cravings.

We hope you're staying safe, cutting back on sugar, and having an extra hoppy holiday this year!