November is National Diabetes Month. We put together a low-sugar snack guide to help you #SkipSugar and still snack on!

Diabetes affects more than 34 million Americans, about 1 in 10 people suffer from it. Over a third of Americans, more than 88 million U.S. adults, are prediabetic and over 80% of the cases go undiagnosed.

Cut back on sugar with these awesome companies who all believe that “better for you” can also be better tasting.




MCTBar makes delicious, low carb, low-sugar protein bars to help snackers avoid the added sugar, sugar alcohols and preservatives found in a majority of snacks. In addition to a truffle like texture, MCTBars are loaded with Collagen, Prebiotic Fiber and Healthy Fats (MCTs) to give your body an extra boost.

We invite you to #SkipSugarNotDessert and see for yourself!

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Teton Waters Ranch are purveyors of 100% grass-fed beef hot dogs, sausages and mushroom burger blends. 100% grass-fed and finished, Teton Waters Ranch is a nutrient-dense and high-quality source of protein that is humanely raised with absolutely no hormones, antibiotics. Better for you, the animals and the planet.

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Can't sleep? Sore after a tough workout? Want to focus better at work?

WellWell makes low-sugar functional beverages and collagen supplements to help with holistic recovery, including hydration, sleep, workouts, brain health and more. 

Plus, everything is vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, and Kosher with unique, delicious flavors like Coconut Chai, Pear + Ginger, and Watermelon + Tart Cherry.

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teaRIOT is a refreshing and delicious 100% Plant Powered Energy drink. We blend brewed tea, real fruit and sparkling water providing the same energy levels of traditional energy drink brands with better ingredients and better taste.

The certified organic, plant-powered energy comes from a combination of caffeine (160mg) and L-Theanine (100mg) naturally occurring in tea, 100% your daily value of B12 and adaptogens which all together enhance focus and prolong energy levels to fuel personal performance without jitters, spikes or crashes.

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Switching out your favorite foods for healthier alternatives usually comes with a laundry list of high-carb filler ingredients. But at Cali’flour Foods, the base of all our low-carb, diabetes-friendly recipes is simple – whole heads of cauliflower, egg whites, and mozzarella cheese. That’s it. Just real food that tastes as good as it makes you feel.

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Killer Creamery

At Killer Creamery, our mission is to provide our community with a healthy, sugar-free dessert that can be enjoyed by people regardless of their diet or lifestyle. Sugar is not the occasional commodity it once was, it is everywhere in everything. As a society, we consume an unhealthy amount of sugar and we now know that this can lead to obesity, inflammation, insulin resistance, and other metabolic issues. We strive to provide our customers with a guilt-free, healthy dessert while giving back to our community and the causes we are passionate about.

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Viking Waffles

If you’re on the market for a different kind of high protein snack or functional food, and by different we mean very different, you might want to check out Viking Waffles. The products are ready-to-eat protein-packed waffles with fun flavors - 21g of protein, 5g of net carbohydrates and no added sugar 160-200 calories. Created by Norwegian founder from a Nordic waffle tradition the Viking Waffles are enhanced with nutrition combining the passion and belief that everyone deserves living life and eating healthy without a feeling of depriving yourself or restricting yourself of your favorite foods.

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We believe that eggs are the unsung heroes of the protein world. They’re completely natural, perfectly portable, and chock-full of good nutrients. They’re adaptable enough to dress up, dress down, pair with sweet, pair with savory, and contain only what nature provided - no powders, dyes, or fillers that you can’t pronounce. Inspired by your favorite dishes, we’re elevating the humble boiled egg in a delightfully unexpected way with our crispy, crunchy, dry dips. We start with a clean simple base of crispy quinoa or crunchy dry-roasted pepitas seeds and perfectly season to evoke some of our most familiar, nostalgic dishes – like umami-rich “FRIED RICE” or zesty, herby “RANCH”. Our Snackable Eggs & Crispy Dips are made from simple, clean ingredients – all our eggs are Free Range, our grains, seeds, dehydrated veggies, herbs and spices never include gluten, GMOs dairy, artificial flavors, or additives, and all are perfect to enjoy on-the-go or to as a tasty addition to snack-time.

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We hope this blog made you realize that you can still enjoy snacking without the added sugars.

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