The Easy, On-the-Go Workout You Need for Stuffing Season

The Easy, On-the-Go Workout You Need for Stuffing Season

It's the most wonderful time of the year! But it can also be the most stressful. 

The holiday season is upon us, and that means lots of food (hello stuffing!), drinks (OK, I'll try the eggnog), and forced family time. Keep your body and your mind in focus this holiday season with this easy, no-equipment workout.  

While you can't count on Uncle Todd not bringing up politics at the dinner table, you CAN count on these health benefits from our workout:

  • Improved mood (to hold those long-winded family catch-up conversations) 
  • Decrease stress and anxiety (when you're running late and forgot to prepare a side dish for friendsgiving) 
  • Increased energy levels (for the endless amounts of shmoozing to be had) 
  • Improved skin health (to look your absolute best in those holiday photos for the gram) 
  • Improved memory and thinking skills (to remember that pesky spouse's name you haven’t seemed to remember for the past 10 years) 
  • Help with relaxation and sleep (it's already hard enough sleeping away from home, not to mention on a twin bed at your in-laws.)

The workout:

Warm Up:
5 minute jog and three 30-second interval jumping jacks
16 walking lunges
  1. Stand up straight with your feet shoulder-width apart. Your hands can stay by the side of your body or on your hips. 
  2. Step forward with your left leg, putting the weight into your heel. 
  3. Bend the left knee, lower the body until the left thigh is parallel to the floor in a lunge position. 
  4. Pause for a moment. 
  5. Without moving the left leg, move your right foot forward, repeating the same movement on the right leg. Pause as your right thigh is parallel to the floor in a lunge position.
  6. Repeat this movement, “walking” forward as you lunge, alternating legs. 
16 jump squats
  1. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. 
  2. Start by moving into a regular squat, then jump up and reach for the sky. Engage your core during this motion. 
  3. Land as quietly and controlled as possible, lower your body back into the squat position to complete one rep.
10 pushups (from knees if needed)
  1. Start on both knees (put weight on the top of the knees to protect knee caps) in a high plank with your shoulders above your wrists and a long spine.
  2. Bend your elbows and lower your chest to the ground.
  3. Keep your elbows parallel with your hips, making sure they don't flare out to the right and left from your body.
  4. Push through the palms of your hands to straighten your arms.
Bonus Points: Leg Raises 
  1. Lie on your back, legs straight and together. 
  2. Keep your legs straight and lift them all the way up to the ceiling until your butt comes off the floor.
  3. Slowly lower your legs back down till they're just above the floor. Hold for a moment.
  4. Raise your legs back up. Repeat. 

Repeat the workout 3 times, or as needed to enjoy this holiday season guilt-free!