hummus and veggies

Top 5 Vegan Snacks

Going vegan has been trending for quite some time, so it’s no surprise to see more and more folks making the switch. The relatively recent boom of veganism has brought about hundreds of vegan cookbooks, recipes, and meal ideas, but something has been left out of the spotlight. 

Vegan snacks.

While it’s great to have so many resources to plan out your next dinner or figure out what to eat for lunch, vegan snacking is a department that could use some work. But, let’s be honest, we all like to eat when we sit on the couch and veg, and snacks are a great option. 

Luckily, finding vegan snacks can be pretty straightforward, and often, you already have the ingredients you need! Take a peek at our top five plant-based snacks, and start munching away.

Kale Chips

Chips are the starting point for almost any snack list. They’re crunchy, salty, and perfect for any type of snacking situation. But, unfortunately, most “regular” chips are highly processed, full of harmful compounds, and often; not vegan. It also doesn’t help that many brands that do offer vegan chip options still deep fry their chips in hydrogenated oils, making them much less healthy. 

kale chips

To avoid both deep-frying and processed foods, try some kale chips instead! These vegan chips bring all of the crunch and salt you want from a snack while still managing to make it healthy. The best part is that you can easily make these snacks at home because they don’t require frying. Just pop them in your oven to bake, and enjoy your tasty new snack.

Hummus and Veggies

What vegan food list would be complete without hummus? As one of the most popular dips worldwide, hummus goes great with a variety of foods. While the choice is up to you, our favorite vehicles for hummus are vegetables! Dip anything from cut-up bell peppers to carrot sticks, and try to resist becoming addicted to this delicious, creamy spread.

The main ingredient in hummus is chickpeas, or garbanzo beans, which just happens to be one of the best protein-filled foods available. With very few other ingredients, hummus is an easy snack to make at home, and is light on the wallet. 

Popcorn...with a twist

At this point, it’s difficult to watch a movie without popcorn. Movie theaters have created an inseparable bond between snacks and cinema, and who are we to mess that up? Unfortunately, movie theater popcorn tends to be drenched in butter and salt, making it a poor snacking choice for vegans everywhere. 

On the other hand, when you ditch the butter and salt, popcorn loses a lot of its flavor and appeal; so how can you have the best of both worlds? Toasted pumpkin seeds don’t quite replicate popcorn, and all the other nuts and seeds you’ve tried are starting to taste bland.

Instead of relying on movie theaters for your popcorn craving, make it at home (here’s the twist), and sprinkle some nutritional yeast over the top! Nutritional yeast comes in the form of small, yellowish flakes and is a vegan favorite for many recipes. When you mix it with popcorn, magic happens. Trust us. 

If you don’t want to try nutritional yeast, you could also try experimenting with some herbs and spices over the top of your popcorn. Plenty of the bottles in your spice cabinet can make for fantastic popcorn seasoning, so give it a try! 

Chia Pudding

Plant-based diets are based around creativity and resourcefulness, making our next choice a must-have for every vegan grocery list. Many desserts and treats rely on animal products, but this one only needs seeds and (plant-based) milk for its success! Chia pudding can work as both a dessert and a breakfast and is even healthier than you might think.

Chia seeds are a superb source of protein, antioxidants, and fiber, entirely gluten-free, and when mixed with liquid, they form a gel texture that makes for tasty pudding. Just put some chia seeds in almond or oat milk overnight, add a splash of spices for sweetness, and you’ve got an easy, tasty, vegan treat ready for consumption.

Fruit and Nut Butter

As the eternal saying goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” which is precisely our approach to the last snack on this list. Fruit and nut butter go together better than just about anything else, and if you’re looking for a snack you’ll never get tired of, this would be our recommendation. 

These two types of food can make for endless combinations, but these are our three favorites

  • Apples and Peanut Butter - Quick, compact, portable, and nutritious, this combo has everything you could want from a snack. Cut up some apple slices and slather on your choice of nut butter for this traditional favorite. 
  • Smoothies - If you don’t like apples or you’re feeling thirsty, try making a smoothie instead! Throw some frozen fruits and vegetables in your blender with some almond butter and pure fruit juice, and you’ve got a smoothie that can power you through the day. 
  • Protein Shake - As the bulked-up version of a smoothie, protein shakes are fantastic for post-workout snacks or a breakfast on the go. Add a scoop (about 25-30 grams of protein) of protein powder to your fruit, nut butter, and juice mixture to turn your smoothie into a protein shake. As far as high protein vegan snacks go, shakes are one of the easiest and tastiest options around. 


Eating vegan is a fantastic way to boost your health. Here at MCT, that’s something we want to encourage! MCT was founded so more people could find healthy choices in life, and with our gluten-free power bars, we hope to help you along the way.