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Wellness Activities that Aren't Working Out

For many people in the past, health and wellness goals were focused primarily on promoting physical fitness and emphasized athletic prowess. While these are still worthwhile and admirable goals, there has been a push to find other, alternative ways to prioritize your health.

Not everyone wants to be a fitness fiend, but everyone wants to take care of themselves in the best way they can. That’s why we put together these few suggestions to help you find a path to long-term health in a way that keeps your mind and body happy. 

Here are some excellent ways to stay healthy without having to hit the weights!  

Find Some Inner Peace

One of the absolute greatest ways to promote health and wellness for yourself is by practicing meditation. Meditation has been around for thousands of years and can be used to help you in several different ways!

Originally, meditation was a spiritual practice used to explore understandings of the world around you. While this is still a significant use of meditation today, its role in society has changed to a more health-focused phenomenon. The benefits of meditation can include lowered stress levels, higher amounts of inner clarity and calm, and reductions in negative emotions.

The premise of meditation is simple enough; sit comfortably, focus on your breathing, and reflect.  However, as many people find when they start meditating, it can be surprisingly tricky to calm your mind and truly relax into meditation. 

If you want to try meditation, but you’re not sure where to start, try out some of these meditation tips:

  • Morning Meditation: When you’re trying to figure out a good time to fit meditation into your day, you might want to consider it earlier in the day. Starting your day with meditation can help you make meditation a priority and not push it off after a long day. It can also help you tackle the rest of your day with a more precise, better-rested mindset.
  • Guided Meditation: Just like any activity, meditation is something that takes practice to improve. When you’re starting, it can be beneficial to go through some guided meditations to help you get into the groove. Nowadays, there are plenty of meditation apps and even meditation studios that can help you get going.
  • Get Comfy: We’ve all seen the classic meditation pose; legs crossed on the floor, arms resting gently in your lap. Contrary to popular belief, however, you can meditate in any position that is comfortable to you! The focus is on your wellbeing, not on the rules or regulations of meditation.  Get comfy and let your mind slip into relaxation.
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    Wellness at Work?

    One of the most common barriers to health and fitness can be a lack of time. Between work, a social life, chores, and errands, most of us struggle to find extra time in the day to take care of ourselves. 

    To help combat this lack of self-care, workplaces have been developing “Workplace Wellness Programs.”  Every workplace is different, but the general premise revolves around providing spaces or opportunities for employees to relax, workout, or find healthy eating options.

    Some examples of Workplace Wellness Programs could include:

    • Lunch and Learn Events: A lunch and learn event is usually a short, voluntary event held at lunchtime in a workplace. Often, the person leading the event will provide food for all who attend and organize the topic of the hour.  
      • These events can apply to business-related knowledge, like providing lessons for employees in various aspects of the company. Companies can also use it to explore topics such as personal health and well-being. 
  • Walking Meetings: As another idea workplaces have been introducing to their agendas, walking meetings have become a popular trend for employee health. Walking meetings transition you away from your traditional meeting spaces, such as offices and coffee shops, and instead, take place on short walks
      • Taking walking meetings has helped some people “unplug” in the middle of the day while also providing some simple, non-stressful physical activity in the middle of the day. 
  • Employee Assistance: Apart from encouraging employees to focus on their health, workplaces have been adding employee wellness programs to help with various aspects of people’s lives. Programs like this can be anything from providing daycare for parents to medical resources on-site or even programs that can help employees quit smoking.
      • By helping employees out in non-work-related parts of their lives, companies can help employees be healthier and happier, leading to more productive workdays.  

    Get Outside

    Fresh air is always a great way to reset in the middle of the day, but what’s something more you can do outside? You might want to try gardening!

    While this recommendation can’t fit everyone’s lifestyle (not everyone has the outside space), gardening is a fantastic way to combine your physical health with the great outdoors. If you’re hoping to start gardening, you might want to start small, and for that, we recommend an herb garden!

    Herb Gardening for Beginners

    Herbs are some of the most valuable plants to grow in a garden, and as an added benefit, they aren’t all that difficult! Most herbs prefer exposure to full sun, with light watering whenever they get dry. Because they are so easy to grow, herbs can help ease you into the activity of gardening while providing you with a tasty reward! 

    If you want to collect culinary herbs to use in your cooking, you could try any of these:

    • Basil
    • Mint
    • Oregano
    • Rosemary 
    • Chives
    • Lemon Balm

    Or any specific herb that you use in your cooking often! Pretty soon, you’ll be gardening like a pro.


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